Drawing for the terrified

by Mary-Anne Bartlett on March 13, 2018

Lack of drawing ability is one of the biggest obstacles to sketching from life or creating a good painting. But it’s a skill you can learn. Spend a day learning techniques that will boost your confidence and your powers of observation so that you start seeing the world with an artist’s eye.

Join Claudia Myatt for a one day workshop full of drawing techniques which will dispel the myth that drawing is something you’re born with or not. Claudia is convinced that the language of line, like writing, belongs to us all – it’s just that we’ve never been taught how. Most of the day will be spent in the studio but weather permitting we will also spend time sketching on the veranda or quayside. Techniques we’ll cover include:

– Connecting hand and eye – how to see everything as interconnecting shapes

– Switching off your 3D vision and getting past the interfering brain

– Measured drawing, getting proportions right

– How to cheat at perspective and a good look at the horizon

– Sketching for fun – working fast, working slow

– The importance of making mistakes

These workshops take place in Art Safari’s riverside studio, where there is a wealth of material to be seen from the balcony and around the quayside.  To help you prepare we provide a short list of suggested art materials to bring with you. 

A light lunch and refreshments are provided.

Cost:  £70, including lunch and refreshments

Must be pre-booked on 01394 382235 or info@artsafari.co.uk

(You may also like to join Claudia on Friday 19 October for her ‘Watercolour basics’ workshop – call us for details on 01394 382235)

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