India Memories

by Heidi on May 23, 2012

Strokes of Tiger Orange and Peacock Blue

Memories of India 2012

Well, I got to see the tigers….a female on our first afternoon….at this stage, I was euphoric and totally content. After all, I had achieved my first ‘dream’. The following day, we saw a male tiger….and that was more than I could have hoped for when I set out.

As for the Taj Mahal, it truly is an awesome and awe-inspiring building. I know that we had seen it the previous evening from the river, but the moment you get to see it through the monumental type ‘gate-house’ is quite simply breath-taking. I loved sketching there, but it felt quite surreal……OMG I’m sketching the Taj Mahal!!!

The icing on the cake, if that is possible when your dreams have been answered…..was not only the elephant ride, but actually getting to paint the elephant’s face. To stand there and stroke this huge, magnificent animal was an immense joy. She was a beautiful creature – so placid whilst we painted her face and patted her. This was really a most unexpected pleasure – and one I will never forget!

Lynne – May 2012

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