Art Safari is growing!

by Mary-Anne Bartlett on January 10, 2018

Thank you to New Anglia Growth Programme!

Over the last years Art Safari has grown enormously, especially as we meet all sorts of new people (guests and colleagues in the art and travel world) who entice us to organise new tours around the world.  So you can imagine how full our computers, sketchbooks, shelves and brains are… so we’re delighted to be in the process of installing a new shiny system (most appropriately, it’s called Darwin) that will make our planning and organising and all the essential behind the scenes stuff like reporting and form-filling.  Then the world is our oyster!!

This is part-funded by New Anglia Growth Hub’s Small Grand Scheme funded by the European Regional Development Fund.

The system has brilliant potential and is tailor made for Art Safari & Close Encounters Travel.  Of course it will take time before we’re fully conversant with it and before it holds all the data that we’re trying to extract from our computers, sketchbooks, shelves and brains!

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