Each of my three Art Safari trips have been absolutely wonderful!  I love learning about the different cultures, seeing and sketching/ painting new subjects, and sharing the experiences with other artists.  I feel welcomed and ‘taken care of’ while having fun!

Bernadette ‘Land of the Long White Cloud’ New Zealand 2020

The highlights of my Art Safari were learning from Maxine and watching her work.  Inspiring Dungapur and the Juna Mahal – good to feel one is off the tourist track.  The comfortableness of our lodgings – all felt beautiful, individual and characterful, I would have happily had an extra night in each place.

Rosie ‘Desert Romance of Rajasthan’ North India 2019

I loved the whole holiday – the opportunity to paint in the streets of Chania and down by the harbour. The tuition was excellent – and I improved my painting during the week. I am now addicted to plein air painting in oils.

Averyl ‘Canvas of Gold’ Crete 2019

The whole holiday was terrific from beginning to end. Excellent organisation, art tutoring, accommodation and wonderful diversity and variation of landscape and experience.

Elizabeth, ‘Rainbows in the Dunes’ Namibia 2019

This is my third trip with Art Safari, and I will do it again in a heartbeat!  We are fed (exceptionally well), watered and pampered at every turn.  Very professional, very organised.  Absolutely loved every second!.

Alison, ‘Rainbows in the Dunes’ Namibia 2019

This is the first painting holiday I have taken – it was a truly wonderful experience – better than I had imagined.  Vikki worked hard to teach us and I discovered more through this trip than I had over years at school.

Mary ‘Colours of the Medina’ Morocco 2018

Being my first safari, I could not of asked for a better experience.  All information had been explained well before leaving for the airport.  And on arrival all staff and Julia ensured that everything was organised well making the trip much more comfortable and stress free.  All at Thornicroft were extremely friendly and welcoming.  Both Julia and Steven our safari guide were great, their bubbly personalities and wealth of knowledge really made this trip comfortable and memorable.

Annabel, ‘Lazy Big Cats’, Zambia 2018

I love Tuscany!  I enjoyed James’ history ‘lecturettes’ and having a go at pen and wash.  I have only experience of Art Safari, but I have no plans to change. I have always felt cared about and looked after with you.

Pat, ‘A Hilltop in Tuscany’ Italy 2018

I enjoyed my Art Safari immensely, and will have lasting memories of the joy I felt seeing the wild animals in their own habitats, as well as being able to study them at leisure through the eyes of an artist.

Jane and Emma,’My African Home’, Zambia 2017

The first painting holiday I have been on.  Although a non-painter the opportunities for photography were as good as any wildlife photography tour I have been on.  The slow pace, stopping for any experiences, was perfect.

Geoff, ‘A dazzle of zebras’ Namibia, Botswana & Zimbabwe 2017

Mary-Anne, you have made it possible to capture Africa, not only on paper but in my heart too – thanks are not enough, but hope this can be repeated!

Fran ‘A dazzle of zebras’ Namibia, Botswana & Zimbabwe 2016