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Karen is inspired by the power of the natural world and the intensity of life that surrounds us, and her paintings convey a sense of place... Read more

Virtual Barbados £140pp
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06 Dec - 10 Dec 2021

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VIRTUAL / Barbados

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Sketching, watercolour

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Karen Pearson

Join Karen Pearson to paint the rich tapestry of island life and Caribbean culture in idyllic surroundings on Barbados...

Karen is inspired by the power of the natural world and the intensity of life that surrounds us, and her paintings convey a sense of place beautifully.  Her main discipline is watercolour, which she uses expertly, employing its subtle, vibrant and at times unpredictable qualities to capture the shifting qualities of light and colour in a scene.

She is excited to be leading another virtual Art Safari to Barbados to revisit this brilliant Caribbean isle that is steeped in history and surrounded by powdery, sand beaches and turquoise, fish-rich seas….

On our virtual travels, we will explore the bustling capital of Bridgetown – a UNSECO world heritage listed site -to sketch the tiny chattel houses (plantation workers’ homes) draped in bougainvillea, enchanting tropical gardens with flowers frequented by iridescent hummingbirds, as well as the imposing colonial architecture of its plantation houses, garrison and churches, some of which date back to the 17th century.

There are plenty more painting subjects on the coast too – characterful Rastafarians with their voluminous hats, colourful fishing and sailing boats, swaying coconut palms and breadfruit trees, and of course stunning sunsets!

Expect an explosion of colour and strong contrasts between light and dark to feature in your paintings!


All sessions start at 2pm GMT

Day 1: Meet Karen and the Art Safari team on Zoom for three hours of art demonstration and tuition time.

Karen will give a talk and show examples of her own sketches from Barbados.

You will have the option to paint from a variety of images to suit your taste from a library of photos you will receive as part of the course package.

You have time in between sessions to complete your work and submit images of your paintings for feedback on our private Facebook group or by email.

Day 2: Today is free for you to paint all day at home. During this time you are welcome to be in touch for extra guidance.

Day 3: We meet again in the afternoon to tackle a second painting through the same process. Tuition will comprise of a second talk, followed by art demos

Day 4: Today is another free day for you to paint all day.

Day 5: We hold a final meeting to review and share your work and insights from the course.

The workshop will be recorded so you will be able to watch the video online afterwards.


  • A laptop, Macbook, PC, iPad or tablet
  • An assortment of paint brushes, suitable for your medium in different shapes and sizes

Karen will work in watercolour and also ink but you may use any medium – she often works with a simple, ‘double primary’ palette comprised of Lemon yellow, Cadmium Yellow/Gamboge, Cadmium Red/Winsor Red, Alizarin Crimson, Ultramarine, Prussian Blue, Cobalt and Cerulean Blue. For New Zealand, a turquoise eg Pthalo Turquoise would be a good addition to the palette.  This course isn’t specifically about colour, so just use colours you are familiar with and those you already have.

  • Watercolour paper, canvas or canvas boards, up to A2 size or 16 x 20” you will need at least 4.
  • Cartridge paper, up to A2 size or 16 x 20” you will need at least 10.
  • Sketchbook/notebook and pen (there’s LOTS of ideas and stuff to write down!)
  • Kitchen towel
  • Easel/table easel or other means of holding your canvas/paper at an angle (watercolour) / vertically (oil)
  • Paint palette
  • Jars for water or solvent (if you use it)


Day 114:00 GMT: 3 hour live Zoom - tutorials, talks and tea
Day 2 Time to work on your own
Day 314:00 GMT: 3 hour live Zoom - tutorials, talks and tea
Day 4Time to work on your own
Day 514:00 GMT: 2 hour live Zoom - critiques, demos and tea
Ask for full itinerary
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This virtual Barbados painting tour costs £140pp


The joining point for your Barbados tour is wherever you have internet and feel ready and comfortable to paint.




All online Zoom tuition, resource material and ideas, recipes and email contact.


Art materials, internet access, personal expenses.

Any questions, please ring us on 01394 382235 or