Art Safari Tours in 2018


We’re having a fantastic time talking with some of our partners around the world and designing beautiful itineraries for you.  Here is a quick view of the year ahead.  Please note that we already have bookings and so please ring us or email us if you see something you like!

We will post a full tour overview for each tour soon.




tours & dates tbc

India Desert Palaces January 2018  
Norway Northern Lights January 2018  
New Zealand      
Namibia Rainbows in the Dunes 20 February – 08 March 2018  
Bhutan Mountain Kingdom 31 March – 14 April 2018  
Malta & Gozo Grand Siege of Malta 15 – 22 April 2018  
Galapagos Darwin’s Islands 2 – 16 May 2018  
St Petersburg White Nights May/June 2018  
Isles of Scilly Paddling & Painting June 2018  
Mongolia Painting In Steppe July/August 2018  
Malawi & Zambia Big Game in Wide Open Spaces September 2018  
USA Yellowstone Plein Air September 2018  
Zambia Large, Grey & Unmistakable September 2018