Art Safari creative adventures in Mongolia 



A Nomadic Journey


11 – 26 July 2020

with Mary-Anne Bartlett

We have a very exciting new departure for intrepid artists eager to experience one of the world’s most intriguing landscapes!  Art Safari is pioneering a 14 night painting expedition to Mongolia in 2018.   

Mongolia is a vast emptiness that links land and sky.  It is one of the last few places on the planet where nomadic life is truly still a living tradition.  It has a diverse wildlife, and we are setting off into the steppes and into the Gobi desert by jeep to find wildlife in the landscapes and to paint it from life.

Mongolia will be a wild and exciting place to paint.

Join Mary-Anne Bartlett in Mongolia for our first venture into Khongoryn Els in the Gobi Desert,  the Gobi Altai Mountains and Mongolia’s other extraordinary national parks, including Gun Galuut Nature Reserve, Terelj National Park and Hustai National Park.

‘The Land of Blue Skies’ provides us with a wilderness of shifting colours, where mountains lift from desert grasslands and where the light shifts from blues to oranges on the sand dunes of the Gobi desert.

Sketch and paint in some of the most magnificent geographical and wildlife areas on this exciting Art Safari painting holiday, meeting local people and experiencing the depths of the Mongolian culture and beliefs. 

We arrive in Ulaanbaatar during the colourful traditional festival of Naadam with archery, horse racing, Mongolian wrestling, singing and dance and we’ll have a couple of nights here to get to know the capital city and its highlights.  This summertime festival is celebrated throughout the country.

We stay in a mix of comfortable Ger Camps (with hot water for showers every day) and hotels during our time in Mongolia as we travel around the country with our paintboxes and binoculars by road and by air, accompanied by local guides and drivers.   

Tour highlights include:

  • Join the vibrant Naadam Festival and sketch the riders, archers and wrestlers as they compete to show off their
    skills and celebrate these traditional aspects of nomadic culture.
  • Paint the vast open grasslands, sweeping hills and huge blue skies of Great Steppe and the gentle flow of pastoral life as sheep, goats, horses, and yaks meander between the streams and lakes that criss-cross the steppe.
  • Watch the ancient art of falconry and sketch the weather-worn eagle hunters in all their finery.
  • Explore the scenic valleys of Terejl National Park and fill your sketchbooks with a mass of delightful alpine wildflowers – blue columbines, yellow poppies, pink fireweed, white edelweiss and many more.
  • Experience the breath-taking, other-worldly beauty of the Gobi Desert – rocky outcrops, frozen canyons and high sand dunes sculpted over millennia by the wind. Capture the towering shapes and graceful curves, the ever-changing light and shadows, and the shimmering colours of the sand.
  • Enjoy a rare meeting with the last truly wild horses and watch them in their natural environment. Przewalski’s horses are direct descendants from prehistoric horses and once ranged throughout Europe and Asia. Today they can only be found in Mongolia, China and Kazakhstan. They are known locally as ‘takhi’ meaning spirit.
  • Discover a host of special mammals and birds – including wild sheep or Argali, wild Bactrian camels, gazelles, corsac foxes, marmots, jerboa, and pikas as well as Demoiselle cranes, Lammergeiers, and Ural owls.
Tour cost per person sharing from:  £5,089     

Single supplement if required:  £545

Internal flight from Dalandzadgad/Ulaanbaatar £210 (not included)

Our prices include: All accommodation, all meals, art tuition & hosting, excursions & internal transport as stated on the itinerary, group airport transfers

Our prices exclude: International flights, alcoholic drinks & gratuities, optional activities such as horse riding and concerts, art materials, personal expenses, visa (if required)

We can also offer advice on your personal travel insurance.

Further information about what art materials and clothing to take with you will be provided.

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