Alison Street

Alison Street

Colour and experiment

Favourite destination
ahhhh, the African bush

Favourite medium
Inks and paints, acrylic and oil

Who’s to say that an Elephant is not pink or that a Buffalo is not Blue!?!

Alison Street lives in Zambia and spends most of her spare time in either the Lower Zambezi, where her family have a small cabin on the banks of the Zambezi River, or the South Luangwa National Parks.

It’s from here she gathers most of the reference material and inspiration for her very colourful paintings. Trying to impart the vibrancy, colours, rhythm and atmosphere surrounding this very important part of our heritage is her objective.  You will love the regal majesty of the elephants, baobabs, the sleek low prowling leopard and the statuesque elegance of the kudu.

“I consider myself very lucky to be able to observe wildlife at close range and conservation is my top priority.”

Alison teaches watercolour techniques weekly in Zambia.  Her methods include pouring, glazing, working with everyday items found in the Kitchen, i.e. bleach, clingwrap, salt, coffee, tea.  She loves to teach beginners so it matters not that you’ve never picked up a pencil in your life!! Alison loves vibrant background colours and techniques but feels the wildlife should be depicted as they are anatomically but who’s to say that an Elephant is not pink or that a Buffalo is not Blue!!

Alison will guide you through these varying techniques at daily afternoon demonstrations and how to capture the essence of wildlife with a brush, pen or pencil with fewer strokes enabling you to depict movement in a couple of minutes.