Maxine Relton

Maxine Relton

People and culture

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Favourite medium
Line and wash, print, poetry

I understand the world around me by sketching it

India sings to Maxine’s soul.  She has sketched and explored with guests annually since the 2000s, forming relationships which enable her to guide travellers off the beaten tourist trail.  Her sketchbooks are exquisite, capturing in swift line and watercolour washes the intense colours, heart and vibrancy of village scenes, markets, fine temples, lush-green landscapes, mountains and scented spice plantations.  Pages interspersed with memories – scraps of colourful fabrics, handmade papers, notations and phrases dancing in the margins.  As a full-time, independent artist, Maxine enjoys working across many art forms.

“Although drawing plays a central role in all my work, I like to re-cast ideas in a wide variety of ways, moving between sketch, print, painting, photography and poetry as a way of questioning and reshaping my perceptions. It helps me towards a better understanding of the world around me.”

She loves teaching all abilities, including complete beginners, and welcomes any opportunity on the tour to offer guidance on general topics such as colour-mixing, composition, figures and perspective, as well as ways to capture the immediacy of the moment. In the UK, Maxine teaches a variety of courses at the renowned West Dean College and is an RWA Academician where she has served as a Trustee and exhibited numerous times.

The full range of Maxine’s current work and many original sketchbooks can be seen at any time by arrangement at her 3-storey studio gallery in the South Cotswolds. One of the gallery’s five rooms is given over to paintings and prints inspired by her years of India travel and all guests on her tours are invited to meet each other at a pre-departure lunch in her gallery.

Maxine’s work is held in private collections in many countries, has received a number of awards and has featured in various publications as well as on television.