Roger Dellar

Roger Dellar

Painting Plein air

Favourite destination
Where ever there is great light and a sense of lifestyle

Favourite medium
Oil mainly, watercolour acrylic and pastel too

When painting, look for the big shapes first then move on to the smaller and finally the detail. Squint your eyes as you select your scene and look for abstract shapes!

“When deciding and mixing colour, ask yourself – if you had to select the main colour is it primary or secondary, then what is the next colour i.e. bluish green, is it a neutral or a grey, does it have any complimentary colour or white in it?”

Roger’s strong figurative paintings are almost guttural; his work is very immediate and contains a raw vibrancy and a real presence.  His portrayal of light is both thoughtful and striking as he spots descriptive highlights and tone, finding angles and curves and describing the wandering shadows with his brush.  Learn from this gentle giant of an artist about definition and how every brushstroke matters… His encouraging teaching manner suits artists of all standards.

Roger Dellar is a professional figurative artist who works in oils, pastels, mixed media, acrylics, and water-based media. His interest in observing people in their environments influences him to record and interpret them, capturing light effects. He is a member of The Royal Institute of Painters in Watercolour, The Pastel Society, and The Royal Institute of Oil Painters. Since 1996 has been an active member of The Wapping Group. He has won numerous awards.

“I love challenges, each year I set myself a new one something I can’t do and that furthers me in a new way making me appreciate new things in life.”