Ian Sedge

Ian Sedge

Landscape, murals, colour, expression

Favourite destination
Suffolk Countryside

Favourite medium
oil, acrylic, ink, pen, watercolour

“The countryside has always played a powerful and emotional part in my life."

Ian Sedge is a self-taught landscape painter who spends time exhibiting his work, creating commissions and teaching others to paint. He is the co-founder of Suffolk Heritage Skills which aims to promote the work of talented artisans from across Suffolk. He is renowned for his expressive and serene landscape paintings that capture the essence of the Suffolk Countryside.

Growing up surrounded by the rolling hills, ancient woodlands, and meandering rivers of East Anglia, Ian gained an early appreciation for nature. This deep connection to his surroundings would later become the cornerstone of his artistic career. With a degree in graphic design from the University of Hertfordshire, Ian has nurtured a unique style to which he has also developed talents in sign writing and mural painting.

Painting and drawing software for the computer are useful tools, but they can’t give you the bespoke, hand-crafted look that Ian prides himself on. His drawings are full of exquisite detail and colour!

His early works were primarily watercolour and ink, capturing the interplay of light and shadow using bold abstract colour and expressive lines. Over time, he transitioned to oil paints, which allowed him to add more depth using muted earthy tones to capture the peaceful atmosphere of the countryside.

“The beautiful area I live in has a deep connection to the magic of childhood fantasy and play, as well as hopes and fears of past and future. The sometimes “simple” scenes of Suffolk in my paintings keep me searching for the magic of my past and the hopes for the future.”