Morocco has ts very own pulse and so much variety to offer the traveller explorer. Discover the bustling bazaars bursting with vibrant colours and spices. Watch artisans at work. Visit the Atlas mountains, camel trek through desert regions and explore coastal fishing towns with harbours of bobbing blue fishing boats. Savour the freshly caught fish cooked in the market places.

We would recommend touring cities for the first time with a reputable tour guide (we have some really fabulous guides!) so that you can truly appreciate the rhythm of Morocco and gain an insight into the fascinating history and evolving lifestyle of this colourful country.

Visit the tanneries still using traditional methods that haven’t changed  for hundreds of years, shop for exquisite items; leather goods, Moroccan slippers in a kaleidoscope of colours and the softest leather, colourful Berber rugs, traditional tiles and pottery, heady spices, barter with stall holders for ‘best price’. 

Stay in one of the palatial Riads hidden from prying eyes behind austere facades which line the labyrinth of passageways making up the Souks.  Discover inner courtyard gardens lush with colour, ornate lanterns hanging from trees dripping with lemons. Relax and sip mint tea beside mosaic fountains filled with rose petals.  Enjoy a traditional delicious Moroccan breakfast from a roof terrace.

We also like the relatively short flight to Morocco from the UK, which is approximately three and a half hours, making this a very accessible get-away for a quick break.


Art Safari to Fes, October 2018 with artist tutor Vicky Norman

For a tailormade safari to Morocco contact Close Encounters Africa