Spitsbergen is a high Arctic Island, about the size of Ireland, half way between the top of Norway and the North Pole.  A landscape of rugged mountains, sweeping tundra, vast glaciers and home to some of the most ingeniously adapted animals in the world.  Spitsbergen is still a virtually unspoilt wilderness, somewhere you can find nature at its wildest.This Northern region supports Kittiwakes, Barnacle Geese, Pink-footed Geese, Common Eiders, Arctic Terns, Brünnich’s Guillemots, Auks and Puffins, Arctic Foxes, Harbour Seals and Walruses, Polar Bears, Reindeer and Beluga whales, as well fascinating plant life. 

With only approximately 30 miles of road the best way to explore this extraordinary and inhospitable scenery is by boat.   Sail past cliffs alive with hundreds of thousands of nesting birds. Ashore, bleached white whale bones and unmarked graves are evidence of past human endeavours. There are trappers’ huts, mining relics and intriguingly named landmarks.

Find beaches littered with antique driftwood, marvel at cobalt blue glaciers and hike into the mountains. Miniature plants thrive in the tiniest patches of shelter. Walrus sunbathe under the midnight sun and polar bears hunt for seals along the edge of the sea ice.  

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