Free speed sketching


Thursdays, at 6pm UK time on Zoom


It’s fast, furious and fun!  Everyone is welcome to be part of a growing artistic family.

Join Art Safari tutors for an hour’s practice and hone your fast drawing techniques. 

Using Zoom we show you a series of stills to get into the swing of things, then we move onto videos for timed sketching. 

Each week we explore a different subject and over the last year we’ve drawn animals of all shapes and sizes from the domesticated to the exotic.  We’ve sketched butterflies, bees, and beetles; pigs and sheep, lions and leopards; all kinds of birds from chickens to owls, penguins, swifts and vultures; as well as venturing into the watery world of whales, dolphins, starfish and seaweed.  

This October our speed sketching world is all about people.  Hands, feet, people playing musical instruments and people being active.  

The world is so big and exciting and filled with incredible living things, so our choice of sketching subjects is inexhaustible.  Funnily enough snails and tortoises are popular requests!

It’s all very informal, there’s with no structured tuition, just gentle hints to help with your observation.

Even if you have never drawn before, we encourage you to take the plunge and draw and paint with us.  

During the last 5 minutes we hold up our work, but don’t worry you don’t have to show us! 

Please do also post your sketching progress on the Art Safari Facebook Group, it’s a really supportive forum where you can comment on each other’s paintings, learn, chat and share your Art Safari experiences.  Thank you to all of you posting on Instagram too @artsafari #artsafari #artsafarivirtual


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Meeting ID: 3495583195

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Please join the meeting by 5.50pm – you will be in a waiting room until we let you in just before 6pm.  (Ssshhhh, try to be on time, but if you’re a bit late to arrive, don’t worry, but please mute yourself and work extra hard to catch up).

Technique and Materials:

Please bring your paints, drawing things, as well as tea, coffee, beer, wine or anything that helps you and enjoy the flow and energy of painting with other people.  It’s also not about what you produce – it’s about the process of doing it, exercising eye, hand, heart and brain and putting the hours down on paper. You are also welcome just to watch!

You might want many pages, or to overlap your images on one page to create a study page of movement and colour.  You can simply draw on whatever paper you have to hand, varying your pressure on pencil or pen.  Scribbling and finding shapes, some will be accurate, some will be wildly wrong, but your subjects will appear from the page. Your drawings can have watercolour wash on top, or you can leave them as drawings.   Or you can start with paint, flowing with your brush.  The bolder and more confident your mark, the more impressive it may look, but bear in mind this is about observation and practice – you might just want to explore with your line or your brush and simply enjoy an hour of looking.

It’s been fabulous having so many people join on these zoom sketching sessions over the last year.  Being with likeminded people from around the world has kept our spirits up and creative energy levels high.

We run the weekly speed sketching for free because we want to make it accessible to everyone.

If you enjoy it as much as we do perhaps you might consider donating a small sum to help us with our zoom running costs going forwards.