Art Safari accommodation is carefully selected using our wealth of experience and local knowledge.  Be assured of good food, comfort and style.  We choose hotels, lodges and guest houses that are safe and clean, offering fabulous food, en-suite facilities with hot showers and flushing loos, that are well located to enjoy the best of the places we are staying in. 

We tend to try to choose first on views and on hospitality, community and location, food and everything that will make our stay more enjoyable and memorable also come into it. 

You will be given an itinerary for your tour which outlines the accommodation.  Each tour is individual and may offer a variety of different stop-over locations, you could be staying in ‘honeymoon’ style lodges, an African bush-camp, or perhaps under canvas if you are joining the ‘camping in comfort’ style tour in Botswana. 

In Morocco the riads are oppulant with colourful mosaics, courtyard gardens and fountain full of rose petals.

In India you might find yourself in a palace, a fort or a convenient lodge or hotel close to our main focus which might be all due to tigers, transport or the Taj Mahal.

Namibia and South Africa safari style is highly polished and differs from the East and Central Africa style which tends to be rather romantically Swahili influenced. You’ll find that each country has its charms and surprises.

The Zambia Art Safari is residential at Thornicroft Lodge nestled on the banks of the Luangwa River, overlooking South Luangwa National Park .  This is an ideal option for guests who like to unpack and stay put, venturing out on sketching expeditions each day and returning to the same Lodge each afternoon/evening.  There is a Thornicroft Giraffe who thinks he’s a resident and visiting elephants are not uncommon!

On our cruises to the Arctic and Antarctica we work closely with one company, with several different ships to choose from – the 2011 Arctic Art Safari was onboard a 20 berth twin masted schooner, whereas the 2012 trip boasts a 100 berth expedition ship.

Art Safari seek out (and return to!)  idyllic places, establishing on-going relationships with our hosts and staff, as well as our guides, who in-turn often become part of the extended Art Safari family.