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Welcome to Art Safari’s blog.

I first took my watercolours to Malawi in 1991, where I was artist in residence on a scientific expedition which was following the footsteps of my ancestor and his more famous explorer colleague of 5 years, Dr David Livingstone.

We spent three and a half months in Malawi, I painted and drew constantly, culminating in an exhibition to raise funds for the Wildlife Society of Malawi.  We made the second ever botanical survey of the Elephant Marsh – the first had been made by my great great grandfather Sir John Kirk – as well as a complete bird and animal survey, before walking the full length of the River Shire from the Elephant Marsh to Lake Malawi.  

During those months I discovered a love of Africa, in particular of Malawi.  I also discovered how rewarding it was to paint wildlife from life – a habit that eventually created Art Safari in 1999.