Jackie Garner Artist in Lockdown

I’m knee-deep in Roe Deer sightings here in Gloucestershire. There’s at least seven individuals around, I can see them from my studio, but they’re not appearing together so it’s hard to know. Very distracting, but in a good way. ????

I’ve been writing a lot. While it would be good to spend all my time painting, being largely without an outlet (April’s Nature in Art residency and May’s Open Studio were both cancelled) that feels a bit futile and writing is creatively satisfying too.

So my lockdown activities have mainly been:

(1) Finishing Leisure Painter magazine articles (acrylic mediums 4-part series, first one in current issue, see pic).

(2) Re-igniting my blog. It used to be about my art world generally, I’ve given it a makeover to become an art teaching blog.

(3) Finishing my first eBook (about passive income for artists), which has been partially written for a looooong time.

Lockdown has given me a block of time and no distractions of other events. Perfect opportunity to finish it and learn new publishing skills.

So while the effects of Covid19 are mostly negative and vile, I’m actually hugely busy and my inner introvert is loving the solitude. Every cloud…