James Willis Artist in Lockdown

Fine here during lockdown in Hertfordshire.. I’m very focused on the book which is coming on well and with one month to go it looks more like a book now. 10 big paintings to do for it so I’m flat out. I come up for air to do 2 hours piano practice and then go to bed and start again.

I must admit it’s nice not to be rushing around all the time.  I’m in major book editing phase!

I’m going live online with classes next week. So I may never have to leave the house again! I’m doing painting Wednesday mornings and in a week or so two thirty minute masterpiece at a time art history lectures, just for fun.

Oh and the Campari has run out!

I’m squashed in here in my studio ready for Wednesday’s zoom. We just had a tea party practice and it worked quite well…about 40 people.

(Thank you for the birthday piano tune James! I’m so impressed!)