Line and Wash, Sunday 17 September 2023


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Combining watercolours with pen line has always been popular with artists, illustrators and sketchers.  Join a full day workshop with demonstrations and exercises including:

  • the different ways that artists and illustrators have used line and wash
  • choosing your pens – waterproof or water soluble, pens or modern, how to make your own
  • improving your confidence with pen drawing, how to loosen up and make the lines dance
  • colour first or line first – exploring different styles
  • line and wash as a sketching medium
  • line and wash for finished artwork

Materials needed:

  • sketchbook
  • watercolour pad or loose sheets (use NOT or smooth (HP) watercolour paper rather than rough)
  • 2B pencil
  • variety of sketching pens – waterproof, non-waterproof, whatever you can find in your art kit or local art shop or stationers. Most modern pens are inexpensive – a set of 5 Unipin waterproof sketching pens is about £10. Do get in touch if you have any queries about which pens to buy.
  • watercolours and brushes
  • any old watercolour brushes and/or small twigs from the garden!
  • a sharp scalpel (optional)
  • bottle of Indian ink (optional)