Printmaking weekend in Suffolk with Mark Boyd, 2-3 March 2024


“This workshop made me think so hard about my way of making my sketches that it’s had a huge impact.  I’ve also now got all the kit at home so I can use my skills at any time.  Thank you Mark, you’re a great teacher.”

Places Available

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Book your place to join Mark Boyd and the Art Safari team for a fab weekend of printmaking.

Mark will guide you through the process of printing with simplicity and style.  Working in various printing media including lino, sandblasting medium and tetrapacks, working with presses and handprinting with barans, you learn how to simplify your image and separate your colours to make both monochrome prints as well as layering different colours.  The design and cutting process is an exciting puzzle which will unfold in clear stages until you are ready to print – and then the magic becomes more and more intense as the print takes form.

Bring strong images from your sketchbook or paintings to work from and to create your own unique multiples.  You might have an image from an Art Safari sketchbook from around the world, a design that you want to develop, or simply a sketch of flowers in your garden that is just waiting to make it into print.

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