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You are about to help us present an hour that you’ll never forget!  Speed sketching is great fun, informative and will help you on your creative journey.

Here you might like to add something to show your appreciation every few months, or every time you join in.

Anything that you can afford will help us give you more resources to further your skills (not just GnT).  Because we want you to learn to sketch quickly so that you can enjoy sketching outdoors – perhaps on your own, or perhaps on one of our trips.  And because running the sessions have real IT costs not just fun art costs.  

A little makes a big difference.  You can choose how much you’d like to send us here (and you can revisit this page to send more at any time).  You don’t have to contribute every time you join a session, because really we’re just pleased to see you.  

Thank you so much!

To see what others have been doing, please visit our Facebook Members page.  You can join the members group and post your work there too!