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Mary-Anne Bartlett Artist in Lockdown

By Mary-Anne Bartlett on 07/05/2020

Corona has turned my life upside down.  It was a roller-coaster of emotion when everything first ground to a halt. [...]

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Alison Street Artist in Lockdown

I am keeping myself busy in Zambia during this time painting although its taken me a while to get round to doing anything as my head's been all over the place since January. I've been down to the Lower Zambezi a couple of times, I[...]

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Claudia Myatt Artist in Lockdown

I'm writing an in depth book on how to draw, to help build your sketching confidence and so that you don't have to try and remember everything I've said after one of my drawing workshops! I'm in Woodbridge, living on my boat on the river[...]

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Roger Dellar Artist in Lockdown

Being studio-bound is not such a bad thing!  I am exploring my surroundings near my house in Surrey, challenging myself with unfamiliar subjects. I painted by wheelbarrow the other day.  I'd been gardening and sat down for a coffee with Lyn and thought ah, that[...]

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Karen Pearson – in Lockdown

I have been making painting tutorial videos to share with everyone in lockdown.  It's a learning process and hard trying to juggle being cameraman as well as artist at the same time. I've also been beavering away in sculpture studio making birdbaths and other sculptures....a[...]

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Mark Boyd – Artist in Lockdown


I have been enjoying the unfolding spring from the saddle of my new bicycle and the soles of my new trainers. I moved to north Norfolk in late January so I have a whole new house and garden to explore - including the wren that[...]

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Julia Cassels – Artist in Lockdown

I heard from a great friend who is now a well know cartoonist for the national papers. His days start at dawn, with briefs of the latest headlines for him to interpret and encapsulate into marvelous style of understated irony by the print deadline of[...]

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Jackie Garner Artist in Lockdown

I'm knee-deep in Roe Deer sightings here in Gloucestershire. There's at least seven individuals around, I can see them from my studio, but they're not appearing together so it's hard to know. Very distracting, but in a good way. ???? I've been writing a lot.[...]

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Darren Rees Artist in Lockdown


I'm here at home in the Forth Valley, Scotland with the family. With plenty to do in the garden, we’ve made the most of the fine weather, and with unbroken views to the Trossachs and Highlands there has been, as ever, great opportunities to do[...]

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Hello world!


Welcome to Art Safari's blog. I first took my watercolours to Malawi in 1991, where I was artist in residence on a scientific expedition which was following the footsteps of my ancestor and his more famous explorer colleague of 5 years, Dr David Livingstone. We[...]

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Rescheduled Galapagos tour

We are excited to announce our long-awaited Galapagos trip is in the diary and available to book!

Look at the details and secure your place to visit the most interesting archipelago in the world: Darwin’s Islands August 2022.

Join us.

Rescheduled Galapagos tour

I swam right over these rays… and painted them later from memory.

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