The Art Safari Cookbook

How about this for an exciting idea – The Art Safari Cookbook!!

Yes, we’re writing a cookbook – featuring all the countries we’ve been to – with drawings, photos, stories and recipes! That’s 7 continents of food and art!!! It’s going to be fun, informative, and colourful. The cookbook will make people travel in our minds while they cook. I would like its sales to help raise money to help support those people and conservation projects in our host countries struck by the absence of tourism $s during Covid-19.

The book will have contributions from Art Safari guests and also from our tutors. These contributions and memories might be from a special breakfast in the rainforest / villa / dunes or out in the bush, a welcome drink when we arrived on a boat or to a lodge or hotel, a picnic lunch en route between one place and another, or a lunch at an Art Safari workshop here in Suffolk, a snack and a favourite sundowner, a special dinner under the stars, in a restaurant or a hotel banquet.

We’re putting the ideas together at the moment, and hope that we can have enough recipes for breakfasts, lunches, snacks, main courses, desserts, drinks etc. We may find that one country has a favourite ingredient, and we could do a little piece just on that (eg ema datsi in Bhutan, or vanilla from Madagascar, or delicious elderflower juice in Austria, or Bull’s Blood wine in Hungary to go with the goulash) or we might find that we had far too much of one thing and still remember the huge halibut from Norway, the squid in Tuscany, the hot spice in Delhi…

Between us we will have some fascinating travel stories (not necessarily 100% food related), as well as some arty ideas too.

I’m so excited about it – and I might have to try out some of the recipes!

best wishes