Drawing for the terrified

With artist Claudia Myatt

Friday 7 February 2020 in Woodbridge

The same workshop also runs on Friday 3 April 2020

Your artist tutor Claudia Myatt enjoys teaching, she believes that drawing and painting is for everyone, not just for those who have ‘talent’ – whatever that is.   Drawing and painting techniques can be taught – the language of line is a universal way of connecting and communicating.  It’s very enjoyable to do and is very good for you!  Claudia will guide you through observational skills, before settling into an absorbing day which will include demonstrations, sketching exercises and some one-to-one tuition time.

Techniques we’ll cover include:

  • Connecting hand and eye – how to see everything as interconnecting shapes
  • Switching off your 3D vision and getting past the interfering brain
  • Measured drawing, getting proportions right
  • How to cheat at perspective and a good look at the horizon
  • Sketching for fun – working fast, working slow
  • The importance of making mistakes

To help you prepare we have provided a shortlist of suggested art materials to bring with you below. 

These workshops take place in Art Safari’s riverside studio, where there is a wealth of material to be seen from the balcony and around the quayside.  A light lunch and refreshments are provided.

Cost:  £75 (including VAT), with lunch and refreshments

Venue:  Art Safari Studio, The Harbourmasters Office, Ferry Quay, Woodbridge, Suffolk 1P12 1BW

Places must be pre-booked using the form below or by calling us on 01394 382235

(You may also like to join Claudia on Saturday 08 February for her ‘Keeping a Sketchbook Diary’ workshop – call us for details on 01394 382235)

Drawing for the terrified – what to bring

We will provide paper, pencils, pens, and drawing boards for you to use, but if you have any sketchbooks or drawing and painting materials, please do bring them along.

If you want to shop for a few basic supplies, Claudia recommends the following:

  • A hardback sketchbook in a size that feels comfortable – anything around A4 is usually best. Most sketchbooks contain smooth drawing paper which also takes watercolour and other media; the more you pay, the better the paper. Avoid spiral bound sketchbooks if you can (but if you already have one, that’s fine).
  • Pencils – 2B are most useful, though you can buy a full set of sketching pencils from 9B to HB if you prefer.
  • Erasers – just a soft pencils eraser is fine.
  • Coloured pencils and paints – there is a wide range of coloured pencils, watercolour pencils, felt pens and other drawing media available. It’s a confusing choice and I’ll have different things for you to try, but bring what you have.

Friday 7 February – Book Now

Friday 3 April –

If you have any questions, do get in touch.