A Passion for Colour

In this colour workshop we’re allowing you to learn as many of the secrets of colour as we can pack in!  Every artist has their own... Read more

£40 per person
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19 Mar - 19 Mar 2022

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Virtual Art Safari workshop

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Secrets of mixing vibrant watercolours

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Claudia Myatt

Colour is what excites us the most! Learn to mix vibrant colours.

In this colour workshop we’re allowing you to learn as many of the secrets of colour as we can pack in!

 Every artist has their own way of using colour, and we want you to feel extra colourful.

Claudia Myatt has a wonderful approach to colour which can unlock barriers and release you in your colour journey.  She will share her own colour methods and recipes, with the aim that you can then develop your own favourites mixes and shortcuts to successful sketches and vibrant paintings.

Claudia’s refresher of the basic principles of colour will help you to get to know your palette.  She actively encourages you to experiment through a series of simple exercises that work as well for beginners as they do for anyone who already is a competent painter.  Her whole approach is to enjoy colour, without allowing ourselves to get too tangled up in rules.

Claudia will demonstrate different ways of colour mixing and you can work alongside her – wet in wet for soft blended colour and wet on dry (glazing) for intensity.  We will be able to send you the recordings so that you can work on each exercise again more slowly if you would like to.

The colour wheel will spin during today’s class, and Claudia will show why it’s useful – she will show through the colour wheel and through other exercises the differences between the different primaries, and the magic of their different properties (blue and yellow don’t always make green!).  After all that primary magic, there’s secondaries, complementaries and neutrals to discuss and play with.

She will leave you with notes, ideas and exercises so that you can consolidate your ideas.

To help you prepare we will send you a short list of suggested art materials to have with you.



DAY 1: 2pmmeet on Zoom for demos and exercises
5pmput down the brushes and say farewell
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This virtual workshop costs £40 per person


The joining point for your workshop is wherever you have internet and feel ready and comfortable to paint.


All online Zoom tuition, copious resource material and ideas, and email contact.


Art materials, internet access, personal expenses.

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