A World of Patterns – 4 intensive & fun tutorials

Wherever you look in time or place, people make patterns; they always have and probably always will – it seems to be a fundamental part of... Read more

£85 per person
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02 Apr - 02 Apr 2024

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Virtual Art Safari workshop

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Watercolours, creative pattern making

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Claudia Myatt

Artist Claudia Myatt draws inspiration from around the world to help you get creative with your watercolours and pattern making...

Wherever you look in time or place, people make patterns; they always have and probably always will – it seems to be a fundamental part of being human. There is a reassuring certainty in pattern making, and some might even say a meditative quality in the repetition of shapes.

Spend 4 sessions with Claudia Myatt looking at the elements of pattern design, learning to understand existing pattern forms and create your own.  At the end of the course you will have a sketchbook full of step-by-step techniques, notes and inspiration for creating your own designs using a universal language of shapes and repeats.


Week 1.  Pattern and Identity  We’ll begin with a look at how cultures around the world and throughout history use colour and shapes, from simple to complex, from textiles to jewellery to artwork. You’ll have pencils, colours and paper to hand right from the start so that we can begin to explore the variety of shapes and marks that go into pattern designs.

Even complex designs can be broken down into a series of smaller elements. We’ll take a closer look at the alphabet of marks, both line and colour, that will enable us to create our own patterns, including borders, panels and repeat motifs. (Tuesday 05 March)

Week 2.  Anglo-Saxon Treasure  Art has no boundaries – design influences travel around the world. We’ll look at the way our ancestors used trade and travel to develop intricate and beautiful patterns in gold and semi precious stones. Then we’ll unravel some knotwork patterns and their method of construction so that you can develop new, contemporary ways to use them. Knotwork designs are associated with the Celts but they appear around the world and throughout history. Let’s tie ourselves in creative knots! (Tuesday 12 March)

Week 3.  Patterns of nature and hidden animals  This week we’ll take a look at the way natural forms, including human and animal imagery, are woven into many traditional designs. The Anglo-Saxons and Celts were particularly creative in this kind of visual shorthand, adding hidden meaning to what appear to be random shapes. We’ll look at how we can use this way of thinking in our own artwork and create our own ‘visual shorthand’ motifs. (Tuesday 19 March)

 * Please note that there will be no session on  26th March * 

Week 4. Tiling and repeat patterns  Most successful pattern design depends upon repeated elements to create the rhythm that makes them so pleasing. This week we’ll learn the basics of ‘tiling’ using adjacent squares to turn a simple shape into a seamless pattern. We’ll end our four week whirl through time and place by looking at the many ways to develop our new skills and make the most of digital technology. (Tuesday 02 April)


Your tutor:

Claudia loves playing with pattern and has spent many happy hours studying and sketching the Sutton Hoo treasure replicas that are on display at the site across the river from our workshop. She uses the elements of the designs to create her own artwork, with watercolour, pens and coloured pencils to portray the depth of colour and tone. She then uses these designs to create fabrics, decorative tiles and artwork.


A World of Patterns continued . . . Almost every country has its own tradition of pattern making, giving us a wealth of designs and motifs to explore. We are planning more courses in this series so watch this space!


5:45PMJoin early for chat
6PM UK TIMEmeet on Zoom for demos and exercises
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