Expressive and Atmospheric Watercolour

Join Alice Angus for a four part series to explore watercolour further with techniques ideal for wildlife, natural world and industrial landscapes, as well as for... Read more

£85 per person
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10 Jan - 31 Jan 2024

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Art Safari Virtual Studio

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Freshness in watercolour

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Alice Angus

Four exciting, wild watercolour workshops to help you find more fun, expression and atmosphere in this lovely media.
Join Alice Angus for a four part series to explore watercolour further with techniques ideal for wildlife, natural world and industrial landscapes, as well as for people, still life and abstracts. We aim to uncover the joy, excitement and thrill of this versatile medium during the dark winter days. The four part course (live on zoom or recorded) gives you the tools and techniques for your work to reach a more atmospheric flow to reflect the environment.  This is where experimentation meets intentional painting and serendipity! You will be sent the recording for each session so that you can re-watch and pause while you linger over demos and exercises in your own time.  This also means that you can watch them afterwards if you are unable to join in real time. Our virtual course is suitable for all levels of artist. It includes: - Week 1 - Flow and Experiment Going further than simple 'art kit' knowledge, this session is to explore the materials - and to find the exquisite qualities of watercolour.  We practice the different ways to mix it, and how to balance water and paint pigments.  An artist's tools are exciting!  Paper makes a difference; we look at how different papers affect the paint flow.  Painting different types of washes, using different brushes and home-made tools can create abstract sketches and achieve different marks and beautiful effects. Week 2 - Composition and Shapes We paint landscapes, lochs, skies and water as we explore how to choose a subject through composition.  Alice shows how the use of shapes, verticals and horizontals can enhance a composition. Her considered compositions even for wild environments are exciting to learn from. Her demos also explore how different compositions can create compelling, dynamic representations of nature. Week 3 - Tone and Colour Turning to landscapes and urban subjects today we strengthen expression in watercolour.  Use of colour, tone and intensity give extra confidence in expressing subtle feelings in a painting.  We learn to show the full 'experience' of a subject, through the use of contrast in value and colour. Week 4 - Movement and Gesture We move to wildlife and human life for this last session.  We explore techniques for painting animals and people, whilst evoking a sense of life. In Alice's demos we see how a range of different expressive qualities can convey the experience of something ephemeral within your work:- like butterflies fluttering around a spring garden, the noise and scale of a shipping port, the agility of a dancer, a storm across a frozen hillside. After the course we anticipate you will also find that graceful ease with which you can make atmospheric sketches and paintings; making fast compositions and capture beautiful impressions from life. These workshops are suitable for anyone - whether you are a non-artist just discovering drawing or an experienced artist who would like to take time out to experiment and explore. What you need to join: Place to watch and work - your computer, tablet and a work surface - the workshops will be indoors using zoom. Materials - We will send you a materials list after booking which will include a list of recommended materials (though you are welcome to start with whatever you already have) and full details of the exercises given in the workshop.


Day 1Online Zoom session 18.00 - 19.30 GMT
Day 2Online Zoom session 18.00 - 19.30 GMT
Day 3Online Zoom session 18.00 - 19.30 GMT
Day 4Online Zoom session 18.00 - 19.30 GMT
Suitcase Icon VIRTUAL WORKSHOP COST: This virtual workshop series costs £85pp ZOOM: The joining point for your workshop is wherever you have internet and feel ready and comfortable to paint. We will send you the log-in details once you’ve booked. Every week we’ll send you the recording, and you can play this again for the next two months.
OUR PRICE INCLUDES: All online Zoom tuition, resource material and ideas, and email contact. OUR PRICES EXCLUDE: Art materials, internet access, personal expenses. Enquire now on 01394 382235 or [email protected]