Pastel intensive PM – small group (Virtual)

Taking pastels just that step further and having more time for interaction with a smaller group, we continue to explore the use of soft pastels.  We... Read more

£40 per person
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16 Mar - 16 Mar 2022

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Virtual Art Safari workshop

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Pastel painting

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John Threlfall

Pastel paradise revisited - an intensive follow-up in pastel with John

Taking pastels just that step further and having more time for interaction with a smaller group, we continue to explore the use of soft pastels.  We continue to paint African wildlife. Whether skin, fur or feathers the pastel medium naturally lends itself to great effect and with its diverse range of colours.  Enjoy this strong, bold media.

You may already have been on a workshop with John and this 3hr workshop gives you further opportunity to push your techniques and use of these lovely pigments.

Pastel is an excellent dynamic, spontaneous mark making medium which is conducive to you producing energy filled images bursting with character and life.

John is a prize-winning pastel artist and you will find his excitement for his medium infectious. Mixing on the paper, rather than on a palette, John will develop more ideas of how to succeed in pastel, without the dust.

Feedback and advice on your work are available during the workshop via your webcam and after the workshop in the private Art Safari Facebook Group.

The workshop will also be recorded so you will be able to watch the video online afterwards.


  • A laptop, Macbook, PC, iPad or tablet
  • Internet connection

John will mostly be working in soft pastels, but you may also use hard. Both cheaper and more expensive pastels will do fine, but bear in mind that the cheaper they are the more dust they tend to produce! John uses Unison, but he recommends Inscribe pastels to his students to practice technique with. Any colours you have will be fine, just make sure to have some primary colours.

  • Pastels
  • Pastel paper – This usually has a texture to it, and it’s good to have a few different colours to work on
  • An old oil painting brush – John uses this to rub away excess pastel
  • Soft Rubber
  • Fixative – This is personal preference, some people swear by it and others hate it. It’s your choice!


2pmReady for 3 hours of demystifying pastels!
5pmEnd of workshop
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This virtual painting workshop costs £40pp


The joining point for your workshop is wherever you have internet and feel ready and comfortable to paint.


All online Zoom tuition, copious resource material and ideas, and email contact.


Art materials, internet access, personal expenses.

ENQUIRE NOW ON 01394 382235 or [email protected]

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