From Sketch to Painting

Spend three days living the moment that you captured in your sketchbook by recreating and composing your sketches into final paintings.  Bring anything from landscape or... Read more

£180 per person
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27 Oct - 29 Oct 2021

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Virtual Art Safari workshop

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Making a final painting from a sketch

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Mary-Anne Bartlett

It's time to dust off the sketchbooks and choose a few to work up into finished paintings!

Spend three days living the moment that you captured in your sketchbook by recreating and composing your sketches into final paintings.  Bring anything from landscape or architecture, still life or wildlife – note that it is helpful to have your own sketches from plein air painting and perhaps supporting photo reference too.

With the full rigour and all the exploratory fun of studio techniques, Mary-Anne will show you to recreate virtually the mood, energy and excitement of that moment, without allowing it to freeze.  Bring out your sketches and have the luxury of time, materials and inspiration to make finished artworks.

Mary-Anne’s method is not prescriptive and will be tailored to you, your subject and your media individually.

You have time in between sessions to complete your work and submit images of your paintings for feedback on our private Facebook group or by email.


On each day there are 2 zoom sessions from 10am to 12pm BST and 2pm to 4pm BST 

Day 1: Meet Mary-Anne on Zoom for a morning and an afternoon session of art demonstration, group and one-to-one tuition time, which includes step by step advice on how to develop your sketch into a final painting,

Today includes many exercises such as using monochrome to help build up your knowledge and understanding of your subject.

There will also be time each day when you can work with the sound and camera on, while working on your own artwork.

Day 2:  Meet again on Zoom to discuss our work; Mary-Anne will add critique and extra suggestions.  Exercises will include tone and colour studies, composition and markmaking.

Armed with inspiration and under guidance, you continue the development of your painting, progressing to the compositional stage, finalising your composition as well as choosing colour and flowing with paint.

Mary-Anne will also have a painting developing too, to demonstrate her way of working.

Extra sundowner session at 6pm.

Day 3: Today is for the final touches.  The morning is about assessing our work, how to know how whether to add more detail, or when washes or any elements need work.  In the afternoon we hold a final short meeting to review and share your work and insights from the course.

The workshop will be recorded so you will be able to watch the video online afterwards.

It’s going to be a fun and highly informative creative journey!


  • A laptop, Macbook, PC, iPad or tablet
  • An assortment of paint brushes, suitable for your medium in different shapes and sizes

Mary-Anne will work in watersoluble pencil, charcoal and watercolour but you may use any medium – she often works with a simple, ‘double primary’ palette comprised of Cadmium Lemon yellow, Cadmium Yellow Golden, Cadmium Red Light, Alizarin Crimson, Ultramarine Blue, Cobalt and Cerulean Blue. This course isn’t specifically about colour, so just use colours you are familiar with and those you already have.

  • Watercolour paper, canvas or canvas boards, up to A2 size or 16 x 20” you will need at least 4.
  • Cartridge paper, up to A2 size or 16 x 20” you will need at least 10.
  • Sketchbook/notebook and pen (there’s LOTS of ideas and stuff to write down!)
  • Kitchen towel
  • Easel/table easel or other means of holding your canvas/paper at an angle (watercolour) / vertically (oil)
  • Paint palette
  • Jars for water or solvent (if you use it)


Days 1-39:30 BST Arrive for coffee & tea
10.00amExercises and painting development time
12:00pmBreak for lunch and time to work on your own
14.00pmContinue exploring and finishing with the group
16:00pmTime to switch off the rest of the group but to continue on your own
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This virtual painting workshop costs £180pp


The joining point for your workshop is wherever you have internet and feel ready and comfortable to paint.



All online Zoom tuition, ideas, and email contact.


Art materials, internet access, personal expenses.

ENQUIRE NOW ON 01394 382235 or