Watercolour Wednesdays – intensive & fun tutorials

Take this fantastic opportunity to further your techniques, confidence and skills in watercolour. Claudia takes you through a series of 8 short but intensive workshops on... Read more

£120 for the workshop series
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14 Dec - 14 Dec 2022

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Watercolour techniques

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Claudia Myatt

Everything you want to know about watercolour but were afraid to ask! Claudia opens up a palette of colour and makes this beautiful technique easy - you'll find yourself loving the process and the results.

Take this fantastic opportunity to further your techniques, confidence and skills in watercolour.

Claudia takes you through a series of 8 short but intensive workshops on Wednesday evenings so that you can master this beautiful medium.

Explore wet-in-wet, colour intensity, mixing, how to preserve white spaces effectively, not to mention how to use watercolour on the go with sketchbook journalling and line and wash techniques.

Each week Claudia focusses on a different area of this lovely way of painting with exercises, demos and time for Q&As.

At whatever stage you’re at, (beginner, an improver or an experienced painter) there’s always so much more to learn.  The virtual format of this class allows you to sit and watch the demos and exercises during live class, then practice in your own time during the week.

  1. Washes – wet into wet and glazes – Basic principles of watercolours (and a refresher for those who have got a bit stuck) – a close look at the way colours blend when wet and the effects you can create by layering wet colours on dry. This includes tips on ‘palette management’ and some enjoyable exercises to push these techniques to the limits! – 26 October
  2. Colour mixing essentials – Taking the guesswork out of colour mixing, especially all those colours of nature – greens, browns and greys. Looking at different ways to get dappled colours, bright colours, soft colours, and breaking out of the feeling that you’re just ‘colouring in’! – 2 November
  3. White Space – Creating lights and whites are some of the challenges of watercolours, so we’ll focus on the power of tonal values, light and shade, how to leave those essential white spaces on the paper – 9 November
  4. Line & Wash – A favourite subject with everyone – the lovely combination of pen and watercolour which bridges the gap between ‘drawing’ and ‘painting’. When to paint first and add line later, and when to do it the other way round. The difference between loose sketchy styles and finely detailed more finished pieces  – 16 November
  5. Towards Abstraction – How to begin pushing your paintings towards a more personal, playful and abstract style. We’ll use familiar still life objects to play around with shapes and colours and break loose from the feeling that you have to paint things as they are – 23 November
  6. Sketchbook Journalling – Watercolours are the perfect medium for sketchbook journalling – you can be playful, serious, literal or abstract, mix words and images, mix different media. Plenty of ideas here to inspire, whether you want to record your travels, your garden, your hobby, your home town – 30 November
  7. Introducing figures and landscapes – It can be hard to build up the confidence to add figures to your sketches and painting. A look at figures from close up to far away, figures in context, from busy townscapes to quiet landscapes. A look at problems of scale and viewpoint – 7 December
  8. All at sea – And last but not least – bring out the blues, we’re painting sea, sky, shorelines, rocks and mud.  Time to put all those colour mixing and wash techniques into practice! – 14 December

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6pm UK timemeet on Zoom for demos and exercises
7.30pmend of class
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This virtual workshop series costs £120pp


The joining point for your workshop is wherever you have internet and feel ready and comfortable to paint.

We will send you the log-in details once you’ve booked.

Every week we’ll send you the recording, and you can play this again for the next two months.


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