Whales and Waves in watercolour

Join artist tutor Claudia Myatt as she takes us far out to sea, riding waves with dolphins, swimming with whales and gliding with the albatross. We’ll... Read more

£65 per person
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18 Jun - 18 Jun 2021

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Art Safari Studio

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watercolour - waves, water and whales

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Claudia Myatt

A day to explore the watery depths and mysteries of whales in watercolour, enjoying the waves and the deep blue sea

Join artist tutor Claudia Myatt as she takes us far out to sea, riding waves with dolphins, swimming with whales and gliding with the albatross.

We’ll dive beneath the waves to paint whales and dolphins, using the translucent qualities of watercolour to capture ocean blues and greens, and exploring ways to capture the feeling of movement in these graceful mammals. We’ll also spend time above the water looking at colours and shapes of the rolling sea and the sea life above the waves, from flying fish to the pelagic birds that spend their lives at sea, only returning to shore to nest and raise their young.

Claudia has been lucky enough to sketch her way around most of the oceans on this watery planet, so she will share her tips and techniques with you on this practical one day workshop, using photos and video clips to help you get those ocean colours flowing. The advantage of zoom is that you won’t need those seasickness pills!


  • A Laptop, Macbook, PC, iPad or tablet
  • Watercolour paper or pads
  • Cartridge paper or sketchbook for drawing and writing notes and ideas
  • An assortment of paint brushes, suitable for your medium in different shapes and sizes
  • For colour Claudia usually works in watercolour but you may use any medium.
  • Drawing materials: Drawing is the best way to warm up, learn new shapes and to think about your environment. Bring monochrome (pencils and charcoal) and supplement it with colour if you like. Water-soluble pencils work especially well with animals as you can draw in a colour water-soluble pencil and put a colour wash over the top.
  • Pencils / graphite sticks – a selection of e.g. HB 2B, 3B, 4B, 6B (water-soluble & normal).
  • Sketching pens (permanent/waterproof are most useful)
  • Colour: Claudia’s most used colours in her watercolours are the primaries –
  • red – alizarin and cadmium red
  • yellows – aureolin, cadmium yellow, naples yellow, raw sienna
  • blues – cobalt, ultramarine, winsor blue green shade (if you don’t have this, pthalo or intense blue are good substitutes), cerulean blue, indigo, cobalt turquoise
  • other useful colours – cobalt violet, burnt sienna, opaque white (either gouache or acrylic)
  • Note – don’t worry if you don’t have all these colours, just bring what you have
  • Kitchen towel or rags
  • table easel, clip board or other means of holding your paper at an angle
  • Paint palette: wet palette for acrylics, deep wells for watercolours
  • Large jars for water


09:55Log in to the zoom waiting room and start the workshop at 10am
12:00Break for lunch and time to work on your own with zoom open in a studio setting
14:00Afternoon Whale session continues
16.00Admire each others' work and end of workshop
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Group size:

A minimum of 4 and up to 16 participants




The joining point for your workshop is wherever you have internet and feel ready and comfortable to paint.


All online Zoom tuition, resource material and ideas.


Art materials, internet access, personal expenses.

ENQUIRE NOW ON 01394 382235 or info@artsafari.co.uk

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